What can be transferred en SSH?

The activities in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) that are carried out at the UAB could play a support role in any process of implementing a new technology or of creating contents in the field of culture and leisure.

The Knowledge Transfer is carried out by means of:

  •  The results of research projects already carried out.
  •  The results of the development of a research project carried out with an interested third party through a formal agreement or contract.

There are many different types of transferable results in the field of SSH. To date, we have examples of knowledge transfer that have been formally documented as:

  • financial reports of all kinds (impact, cost benefit...) 
  • sociological studies
  • legal reports
  • historiographical and artistic projects
  • experts'reports
  • archaeological excavations
  • translation
  • psychological tests
  • design of education plans
  • customised software for different sectors (translation, law, learning...)
  • customised training
  • business communication plans
  • heritage assessment


      How can scientific results be used? 

      The results can be used in: 


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