Management & Coordination

Formally speaking, knowledge transfer in the field of SSH (Social Sciences and Humanities) is channelled through the following areas of the university:


Vice-rector for Social and Cultural Transfer

  Vice-rector for Strategic Projects and Planning

  •  Develops, coordinates and manages strategic UAB projects, with the participation of other institutions.
  •  Manages the Campus of International Excellence project.
  •  Is in charge of the knowledge transfer policy in the field of science and technology, as well as the innovation policy.

  UAB Research Park

  •   Promotes and communicates the transfer of knowledge and technology, communicating and responding to the needs of researchers, entrepreneurs and companies.
  • Gives support to entrepreneurs who wish to carry out innovative projects in the field of humanities and social sciences.
  • Implements innovation transfer policies.

 Vice-rector for Research Management

  • Responsible for the management of agreements and contracts for research and technical services (Article 83) with companies, government agencies, and other types of public and private organisations.

 UAB Research Management Department

  • Advises about and manages the contracts and agreements required to carry out the knowledge transfer.
  • Advises on public grants aimed at supporting collaborative research (between companies and research organisations).

 Solidarity Autonomous Fundation

  • Develops cooperation projects aimed at specific groups.

 UAB Graduate School

  • A hub where prestigious students, teachers, researchers and professionals can meet.

 Institut of Education Sciences

  • Carries out and manages its own transfer projects in the field of education.


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