Establishing of contract/agreement

| How can a contract/agreement be established?
| Support from the PRUAB
Support from the UAB


How can a contract/agreement be established?

Researchers: please contact the Research Management Department and the Department Manager if:   

  •  you have a project, line of research,  research results or idea that is likely to be of interest to a  company, institution or individual,
  • you have already made contact with a company or institution and you want to negotiate and prepare a formal proposal for collaboration,
  • you already have a proposal but some legal, administrative  and/or economic aspects must be reviewed.

    Contracts and agreements with companies/institutions which have been previously signed by the researcher and the department or centre director, must be signed by the Vice-rector for Research on behalf of the Rector of the UAB.

    The management of the contract is carried out by The Contract Management Unit in the Research Management Department.


    Support from the PRUAB

    • Personalised support during the process of negotiating contracts.
      Public-private Partnerships
      Contact: Victor Peral  93 586 8920


      Support from the UAB

      Research Management Department UAB

      • Advice on negotiating the terms of agreement and its economic distribution.
      • Validation of the final terms of the agreement.
      • Processing of the signing and delivery of agreements and contracts.
      • Registration of the agreement data in the university research database.

      The Economics and Finance Department conducts the centralised economic management of agreements and contracts:

      • Regular invoicing for services rendered.
      • Collection and control of income and its distribution.
      • Economic  monitoring and solutions to all kinds of problems: payment claims, financial assessments, certificates.


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