Creating an innovative company

| Basics
| Steps to create a spin-off
Support from UAB Research Park

| Frequently-asked questions on the legal aspects of setting up spin-offs at the UAB

The UAB, through the UAB RESEARCH PARK PRUAB, promotes the transfer of knowledge generated at the university by means of the following:

  1. evaluation and study of placing the patent or copyright on the market
  2. creation of an innovative company: spin-off.

In the –case of creating a spin-off, the UAB Research Park launches a process that leads the entrepreneur to create his/her own company.


Steps to create a spin-off company

0-18 months
8 months - max. 5 years
6-12 months
3-6 months
0-3 months
  • Diagnosis of the project and knowledge protection
    The diagnosis of the project is made following the first contact with the entrepreneur.
    At this stage we collect the most important business ideas and the know-how the entrepreneurs contribute.
    In this way we can identify the most suitable itinerary and evaluate the support from the PRUAB.
  • Business plan and training
    The entrepreneur will receive full support from the PRUAB team as well as assistance from external parties such as SECOT and  ESADE. These help entrepreneurs to create a successful Business Plan in order to guarantee the success of the future business.
    At the same time, the entrepreneur will receive specialised continuous training from external organisations in the areas we consider necessary.
  • Financial funding research
    Once the entrepreneur has decided that he/she wants to receive a grant to carry out the business, the PRUAB, in collaboration with an external company, will advise him/her throughout the application process: from the decision about the financial strategy to the presentation of all the documentation.
  • Incubation
    Once the funding has been obtained,the PRUAB provides the entrepreneurwith a place in one of its formation centres, partially financed for a period of three years.
    In some cases the formation period may be extended to five years.


Support from the UAB Research Park

The UAB Research Park provides advice during the creation and consolidation phase of the company. The PRUAB team guides and supports the entrepreneur in legal,financial, marketing and promotional matters.

The main services provided by the park in this area are:

  • Evaluation of the business idea.
  • Legal and fiscal advice.
  • It searches profiles to complete the entrepreneurial team (internal or external partners).
  • Basic marketing and communications package.
  • Consultancy in commercial and promotional matters: how to position a certain product/service, use of web resources, attendance at trade fairs, etc.
  • Business development: advice regarding the business plan, company growth and going global.
  • Access to the Park's contact network. PRUAB has a wide contact network of actors involved in knowledge transfer: SECOT, Chamber of Commerce, city councils, technology centres, etc.
  • Advantageous conditions of access to the different scientific and technical services.
  • Processing of basic R&D funds and agreements with companies specialised in the processing of public grants at the most competitive prices.


Frequently-asked questions on the legal aspects of setting up spin-offs at the UAB

  • Can the UAB's researchers and permanent staff set up a company?
    Yes, but always within the compatibility limits set out in the regulations of the Law of Science, Technology and Innovation that came into effect on 1 December, 2011, and the old Organic Law of Universities of 2007. These limits to compatibility involve share-holding, membership of boards of directors, and employment in the company.
  • Can researchers and permanent staff hold shares in the newly-created company, and under what conditions?
    Yes. As a rule, researchers and permanent staff can hold a maximum of 10% of the total shares. If the company is technology-based (NTBF), with UAB backing and participation, they can own more than 10%.
  • Can researchers and permanent staff be on the board of directors of the new company?
    Only if the company is technology-based (NTBF), with UAB backing and participation.
  • Can researchers and permanent staff be employed by the new company?
    Yes, provided that the company is technology-based (NTBF), with UAB backing and participation. In this case, employees can be given part-time, fixed-term contracts, as long as this does not mean any changes to their work schedules at their original posts. Previous authorisation from the UAB is required.

  • What are the options for researchers and permanent staff who want to be involved in a spin-off or knowledge-based company but are limited by compatibility restrictions?
    The best option would be to keep your shares, up to the 10% limit, act as a scientific adviser to the new company and set up a business management team whose members are not affected by compatibility restrictions.
  • What is the procedure when the new company wishes to exploit the results of research?
    Research results, owned by the university and under its protection, are transferred to the company through a transfer agreement or a license for use, in exchange for company shares, royalties, etc.



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